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Illicit Affairs

Coming Fall 2022

My name is Finn Halston, and I’m a bastard.


Ask anyone, they’ll agree. I've done a few things I shouldn't be proud of. But sometimes in life, you find yourself in that gray area where you have to choose between the right thing, and the right thing for you. 


In my defense, she was mine first.

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No One Needs To Know
Coming Fall 2022


He Said, She Said 

The day I met Molly Murphy was riddled with moments where it felt like common sense was yelling at me to stay away from the knockout redhead. Her sassy little mouth had me hooked. Her plump lips and sharp tongue made me think of all unsavory things I could do with both.

I know what you’re thinking, what could have possibly derailed such an immediate attraction? A couple of things, actually. She was born the same year I started high school, for one. The bigger issue, however, is her boss. Turns out that prick, is me. The second that I found out I sign her pay checks; she became off limits.

So, imagine my surprise when I hear that I’ve been banging her harder than a screen door in a hurricane. In a small town like Love Georgia, the rumor mill practically supplies the town’s electricity.

I resisted temptation for a year, but now I don’t think I can fight it anymore.


Hell, if everyone is already talking about us, why not make it true?


Mark Twain said, “Write what you know.”

So, I did.


What I knew was my smoke show of a neighbor was the epitome of temptation, even when he’s not mowing his lawn shirtless. I also knew that he’s the very definition of off limits, since he’s my son’s baseball coach and the father of his best friend.


What’s a girl to do?


Open a blank document on her computer and write down all the thoughts running through her filthy mind, that’s what.


Now, my small town is abuzz with gossip over the muse inspiring my latest romance novel.


I just followed the sage advice of a famous author—one who also had a lot to say about the forbidden. And if there’s anything more forbidden than Carter Moore, would you let me know?



**The first eight chapters will be published within the Love, Not War anthology benefiting The Ukraine Crisis Fund.